When it comes to coffee, hardcore aficionados take every step of the process seriously—from the origins of the bean, down to the milliseconds for brew time and method.

And while making a solid cup of coffee at home can be done with the ultra-simplified pour over method, espresso machines have been another story—unless you’ve been willing to fork over hundreds of dollars for something decent.

The Newton Espresso aims to change all that.

Newton Espresso – How to Make a Coffee from Newton Espresso on Vimeo.

When product designer Hayden Maunsell wanted to lower the financial and environmental cost of serving a great shot of espresso without compromising on design or quality, he landed on a simple lever press design that simplifies the shot-pulling process while still delivering great crema. Perhaps just as importantly, as coffee pods continue to fill landfills, Maunsell’s design produces zero waste altogether—from bags to filters.

Together with craftsman Alan Neison, Maunsell is now making the Newton available to everybody via Kickstarter.

“The Newton Espresso maker is a lever press design, which can create a unique delicious coffee,” explains Maunsell. “Each and every Newton is handcrafted in Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) to the finest quality. With a long history in fine art and craft we strive to provide our customers with a piece of art that creates fine coffee and is not a factory produced appliance.”

If you’re considering switching up how you take your daily brew while saving money and the environment, then perhaps consider the Newton.


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