Ever since man first learned to slice something with a blade, there have been countless designs and re-designs of the  traditional every day carry (EDC) knife. There are knives which can be customized to fit your design needs, knives that stick to the fridge, those the size of a man’s arm (and cut one off, at that) and even many a keychain knife. However, this new take on knife design is one directly inspired by the space age.

The Musvalk (Dutch name for a tiny bird of prey) is a small EDC keychain knife with inspirations in space travel. Because the designer, Sander Bakker, lives in a small town near the Mojave Desert, north-east of Los Angeles, California, and because Virgin Galactic is doing their first test flights there, he is part of a community whose daily routine consists of talking about space and life outside planet Earth. Taking it upon himself to put some of the culture into the knife, he uses the exact same materials found in spacecrafts.

Musvalk EDC keychain knife

The handle and sheathe are made out of 2mm twill weaved carbon fiber, with the sheathe housing a Zytel lock to keep the knife secure. These are fastened together using custom titanium bolts.

The blade isn’t made out of everyday stainless steel, either (which, let’s face it, isn’t really ‘stain-impossible’). Its composition consists of zirconium dioxide ceramic, also known as Zirconia. This makes the knife’s hardness closer to a diamond than a bendable piece of metal. If this wasn’t stylish enough, the blade also comes in a wide variety of colors which result from heating the Zirconia at different temperatures, with the gold variant having a titanium nitride coating.

Musvalk EDC keychain knife

The knife’s shape takes its design from the Lockheed F117 Nighthawk stealth fighter jet, which ISN’T a spacecraft (I guess certain compromises had to be made). For its style, material and size, you can’t deny the knife has a very sleek, unique look worthy of cutting through your next rope, sandwich or frustrating package design.

The project has already reached its funding goals on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with the knives still available for pre-order at $44 apiece. You can learn more about these portable knives (and get a look at the upcoming blue and matte black-colored blades) on the splinterseed.com website.


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