Japan has Godzilla, Russia has META-ELK. The idea is to deploy them in the thousands as… massive powerline pylons. Perhaps this is the next transmutation in the evolution of electrical Elk lords? We knew it was going to happen and these design renderings by Russian firm Design Depot put it all in perspective.

Metal Elk Pylons

As Core 77 reports, these pylons were one of many submissions for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The submissions also including a massive Bear posing as if he was at a body building competition. I was around for the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver and sincerely wished we’d had something like these Super-Elk ‘wandering’ across my neighbourhood. That’s not an eyesore, that’s an ELK with antlers holding ELECTRICITY. From a structural point of view, how would these Elk stand up under wind stress? If these were real, and mobile, and also highly aggressive, I already see a way to defeat them.

Could you think of better ideas? Perhaps a set of electric Angels? Perhaps a person playing violin, with the power lines running along the neck? Design Depot also rendered a few designs of pylons spheres and as the year 2-0-1-4. I’m sure the SolidSmack community can think of something better than that.