While not feasible for every product out there, ceramic materials are one of the few natural materials available to us that can be formed into just about anything. Best of all, it’s a sustainable and cheap material to work with.

But ceramic furniture?

Inspired by German machinery manufacturer Carl Schlickeysen, inventor of the first machine made to produce bricks by extrusion, Madrid-based ENORME Studio recently created a modular furniture system that makes perfect use of that ceramic good stuff.


Consisting of a modular metal support bars, the SCHLICKEYSEN system makes use of curved ceramic bricks made through an extrusion-based process that can be used to create something as small as a bench, to picnic tables and even larger elevated seating systems.




Perhaps best of all, the ceramic bricks could theoretical be manufactured anywhere—meaning, the creators could sell the system as a blueprint for creating the exact same system across a distributed manufacturing network without the need for shipping or storage costs.


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