Taking a break from creating cast parts and mold boxes , designer Eric Strebel cracked his paper coloring knuckles to bring you a sketch render color paper challenge which has him sketching a design concept on… you guessed it, COLORED PAPER.

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The design in question is a modern approach to a Tucker truck from the fabulous 1940s. Whereas the old truck ran on gas and looked fit for holding bushels of corn and some livestock, Strebel’s sketch is the EV version with some interesting storage and plenty of truckbed to haul yo’ stuff.

Tucker Truck Design Concept Sketch

As with all his designs, he starts out with a couple of rough sketches on white paper before moving to the final sketch. Once he has the design laid out, he starts his sketch with a single cab for the truck’s body and works from there. Wheels, a small bed flap, and a second smaller cab come after the initial sketch lines of the truck body.

Tucker Truck Design Concept Sketch

With the framework of the Tucker finished, he adds more minute details such as a mini-fender in the front, raised brake lights on the back, and pocket doors which allows the user to easily store cargo in the trunk.

“The beauty of sketching on a colored paper is that the value of your object is built into the paper already. Your job as a designer or a renderer here is to pull out the form of the value of that object.”

Unlike a lot of artists, Strebel starts to shade his drawing early to bring out the details in his sketch. Seeing as he is drawing on grey paper, he uses varying shades of grey to make certain details pop. To make his drawing not seem too bleak, he also adds some light blue and white colors which give the truck a nice metallic color.

Tucker Truck Design Concept Sketch

Strebel isn’t above a little Photoshop, either. After doing all he can with pen and pencil, he scans his drawing to sharpen a couple of details and correct the shadows. He then caps everything with more obviously computer-generated Tucker logo. Pretty snazzy, eh?

You can find more of Eric Strebel’s designs, both realized products and concept designs, over on his YouTube channel.


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