Yeah, I hear ya. *sips coffee* I use to chisel gears and form motorcycle fairings from raw metal with the delicate jawbone of water shrew… by which I mean, I’ve never actually done that, but have worn a motorcycle jacket… for a few minutes… it was hot… quite stiff, actually.

One thing is for certain though, if I did build my own motorcycle, it would look exactly like this “Old Barrel” Retro racer concept create by 13 Studio… this or a Ducati–A Ducati’s Monster is just all kinds of cool. But the Old Barrel concept has miles of style too–mainly because the rear wheel fairing is a mile long.

The design may be familiar if you recall the streamlined Killinger & Freud of the late 1930s. This beauty:

killinger & freund

As 13 Studio describes it, this concept bike was the inspiration:

Ever since I discovered the bike “Killinger and Freund Motorcycle”, I wondered if I were to make a cafe racer version, what will it looks like? Many years past, the shape in my mind became more and more clear. After modelling training in a new software, I believe it’s about time to make it happen. Presenting the “Old Barrel”, a retro streamlined racing machine. With rounded covers for the front and rear wheels, aerodynamically improved fork and transparent fairing showing all the details of a V6 engine.

Transparent fairing? V6 engine? Pardon me while I DROOL ON MY KEYBEARDS. Fabulous. I think the German engineers who designed the Killinger and Freund would be a bit awestruck… and totally jelly. 13 Studio used Fusion 360 to model up the moto after just learning it. My first project after learning Fusion 360? Let’s just say it wasn’t a FREAKIN’ MOTORCYCLE.

You can download the model at GrabCAD–.step version only. (Bonus! This isn’t 13 Studio’s first moto, oh no no. Check out Rocketman the Cruiser concept too!)

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