Of all the things you could use to get from point A to point B, the best and most obvious choice for the future, I’m convinced, will be the Jetpack. Martin Aircraft Company is making sure of this with the first mainstream jetpack to hit the market.

Efficient personal transport is certainly a hot commodity these days. News and video have been circulating about this fancy contraption, but what we’re most interested in is how and with what it was designed. But first some gritty details.

Strap some engine to your back
The coolness of this jetpack is a tad more comparable to strapping a small 250lb aircraft to your back. What’s slightly different is that instead of wings you have two extremely large composite rotors aft of your kidneys.

For all practical purposes however, this is classified as an aircraft and you’ll need Martin’s specialized training along with the $100,000 bill you’ll slide across the table. After that, you’ll be able to make 31.5 mile jaunts down to the market to pick up some pastries for breakfast. And even though you can only go 65mph max, you could possibly go as high as 8,000 feet with the gas-powered, two stroke engine.

Designed in SolidWorks?
So, was the Martin Jetpack designed in SolidWorks? I’ve contacted the companies involved with the design. Martin from all I can find uses an undisclosed CAD package. However, Formworks Product Design, a partner in the design, uses Blender, Pro-E and SolidWorks. If anyone has details, I’m sure we would all love to know. In the mean time, here’s some video and photos.

The Martin Jetpack Site
Details on the Jetpack


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