I see you wavin’ your hands around like your folding laundry, but that imagery floating around you is just all kinds of freaky… OHhhh, those are holograms and your moving them around with your knuckles and those sensors in your hands. I shoulda known.

It’s here. Obscura Digital is using their multi-touch technology along with the Musion Eyeliner 3D holographic system to get an on-stage interactive display that will boggle the senses.

The first and obvious use for this is presentations that will keep you more entertained than any motivational speaker could ever hope to. A bit to involved for the like of us CAD people ya think? There’s no haptic feedback and there would be the whole projector, software, IR setup that could get a bit pricey. Still, it’s a move closer to moving 3D stuff around in free space without the need for a mouse and keyboard. Video after the break.

Obscura Via Engadget


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