It goes without saying in any professional setting, but to look the part, it pays to play the part. In other words, you wouldn’t expect an engineer to show up at a design review with a plastic children’s pencil case. At least, this is what the folks over at Onehundred believe (we kinda do, to).

Fresh off the success of their modern interpretation of the Cubit measuring device, the company is keeping the old school vibe with the update of yet another critical accessory for the designers and enginers of yester-century: the tool roll.

Designed to hold everything from USB cables and pens to switchblades or calipers, the Ledr is a leather tool roll designed for today’s modern worker. While the Ledr 7 ($45) model is meant for conventional everyday objects, the larger Ledr 9 ($55) is intended for larger, more “tool-like” objects including wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. Both Ledr models are manufactured in New Bedford, Massachusetts out of full-grain, US-sourced leather and stainless steel fasteners.

With over three weeks to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the Onehundred crew are currently sitting at over $25,000 in pledges—up from their goal of just $1,000. If you’ve been looking for a way to keep all those charge cables, pens, calipers, and other tools from bouncing around your workspace, look no further. Find out more over at Kickstarter.


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