This probably isn’t the first of these you’ve seen, but it’s likely the coolest. Who am I kidding, this is just paper stuck in some bike spokes, but it’s awesome paper stuck in some bike spokes and I’d like to see anyone try to make the same thing without taking a few fingers/fingernails off in the bike spokes. Can’t be done (It so can be done.) Katy Beveridge is the brains behind the artful insertion of pulp phenakistoscopery into the pedestrian conveyance. She shot the following video to show you exactly what happens when you put a repeatitive design in your bike wheel, in your bike wheel, in your bike wheel.

Laser Cut Stencil Animation

If attached to a bike wheel and filmed in motion this intricate paper cutout will animate to create lovely fluid movements; cogs turning and clouds growing and the like…I intend for these to be presented as art objects as in the pictures. I must stress, as I have many times with this project, this is about animation. It is not possible to see this with the naked eye. If you stick this on your bike you will not be able to see it unless you are filming it, I will include instructions on how to film it but I really see these more as pieces of art.

Of course, with your powers of eye-flickering and drinking excess amounts of absinthe, you can see the animation with your naked eye AAAAAND your naked abdominal area. You can buy the stencils on Katy’s Etsy page… or for those who are skilled at laser cutting/cutting paper, get an idea on how to make them yourself.


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