I remember back in the day when we had to actually build mock-ups with telekinetic powers our hands to simulate mechanical motion. Fortunately, our fancy 3D CAD programs take away the need for cardboard scraps and paper cuts. The crew doing it up right on the SpaceClaim side is AR-CAD who has created SC-Motion, a new motion and dynamic simulation add-in for the format-friendly direct modeling application. This means no more long hours convincing your loved ones that you need five small goats and a box of styrofoam to simulate the motion of your triumphal entry into the grocery store. SC-Motion is available to try free for a limited beta release. Video and features after the jump.

YouTube video

Main Features:

  • Automatically converts SpaceClaim assembly constraints to Mechanical Joints
  • Define Motion to Joints
  • Define Force and Torque at Joints
  • Define Spring and Damper
  • Define Gravity for the Assembly
  • Perform Motion and Dynamic Simulation
  • Record the Simulation as an .AVI file
  • View Graph Plots and Export the Plot Data as .CSV

You can see more example and download assemblies on AR-CAD.com


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