Hold onto your highly polished, aluminum chassis car buffs. One of the most incredible stories of car design and engineering has just rolled onto your screen. Think of this.

What if you were building a roaster, a custom roadster for the CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison. What if money was no option. What if you used SolidWorks to virtually optimize every inch of it. What if you wrote a book about the design and manufacturing. That’s exactly what David Kirkham did.


Maybe you’re like my brother and have an old aluminum body Airstream trailer you’re renovating over the period of 5 years. Maybe you just love a story about the passion that goes into a custom car. You’re about to see some of the most amazing documentation of a car build ever created. The Kirkham 427 KMS/SC roadster is unique and the story of how it came together is astounding.

We used the CAD data when designing the suspension and chassis to fit all the parts correctly in relation to each other. With SolidWorks, we were able to virtually move the suspension model up and down and evaluate the kinematics of the suspension throughout its travel.

You’ll also learn about:

  • How they brought the body shape into SolidWorks
  • How they tested the suspension with FEA
  • Designing the 6061 T-6 Chassis
  • Creating and smoothing the car body by hand

That and more are covered in The Art of Engineering By David Kirkham. And even better, you can get a copy for yourself, aluminum bound hard cover of course, for a highly polished $4,500.

All photos by Kirkham Motorsports Poland. Big hat tip to Peter Kearney! Thanks!


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