The least exciting part about modeling objects in 3D is, without a doubt, the back-end administration stuff. Glorious procedures like making sure users aren’t changing selection colors, adding jacked-up macros or forgetting to back-up their work.

There’s nothing quite like shoving Giggabitties of SolidWorks 3D models onto your local hard drive. It makes that hard workin’ computer run so much smoother, doesn’t it? SolidWorks back-up settings. I’ve never used them. Actually, I did, long ago, then I turned them off. You?

Now, I’m thinking a little different about storage and wonder if you’d like to take another look at back-up options. Yeah?

Storage Slap Back

Auto-recover – CHECK. Save Notification – CHECK. Warm fuzzies about data being safer – DOUBLE CHECK. It’s not the most riveting topic, but bears a second look, especially if you think you’re so awesome you don’t need to back-up your work. Not sayin’ you’re not awesome… it’s just we all know how much back-up philosophy plays into ones cool factor.

We’ve talked about NAS servers and Cloud Storage recently. SolidWorks has some very specific settings for Back-up and recover regardless of where you keep your data. I want to try something different, so today I’ll take another look and make some changes.

SolidWorks Back-up Options

Here’s what my Back-up screen usually looks like. It’s dang exciting now, isn’t it? It’s also dang blank; every options turned off.

I’m going to change it to this:

A Better Back-up Option?

Now that is a splash of color huh? What do you think of those settings? Since I have another hard drive. I’ve used that as the back-up location rather than my main hard drive. I could just as easily set this up to be a NAS drive and have it synced to a cloud storage location.

With a lot of the online back-up and storage options increasing exponentially as of late, I wonder if these simple options at the bottom of the SolidWorks System Options is going to change in the future to offer more options. I’m already a little surprised they never offered FTP options here. We’re a bit past that point now. There are easier ways to store data on-site and off-site.

Do the new options I’ve set up, line up with what you have? Are there better options?


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