I know you enjoy the magnificence of your hairy knuckles as much as the next guy, but after you take a look at this ring, you may be reaching for razor.

Ben Hopson and entrepreneur Glen Liberman of Kinekt Design are collaborating together on a series of kinetic jewelry pieces. This Gear Ring is the first to come out of production and onto your fashion sensitive fingers. It was designed in SolidWorks, but you know there’s always more to the process. Glen Liberman had a few gems to tell us about the design challenges they faced.

Oh, and you know we’ve got the hi-res images and video you all love.

What were the challenges you faced with designing and manufacturing the ring?
Despite the fact that a ring does not seem like a complicated object to produce/manufacture, it did take quite a bit of time and effort (about a year) to get to the finished product.

What are the key attributes of the design process?
I believe this process takes flexibility, patience, and persistence. Also, sharing this vision with others is not an easy task and takes clear and precise communication skills to convey what you want as the desired result. It is important to be able to bounce ideas off of others and get feedback accordingly. You (the designer) become so close to the product that is often difficult to make final decisions about it whether it be the aesthetics or even the packaging design.

The ring is made of high quality matte stainless steel, which means you can growl as loud as you want when you put this beauty on. Take in the brilliance of the design and catch the video at the end to see how it works. (click to enlarge)

BIG thanks to Joe Birner for the heads up!!


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  1. Wicked cool, although it doesn’t appear to be using actual gear tooth profiles w/ involute splines and all that. If it used that, and came in white gold/titanium/platinum, I’d be all over that!

    • so picky Bruce! 🙂 I’m betting there’s an extent to what can fit around a finger, but actualy gear teeth would be cool, maybe a whole differential across the fist. oh yeeeeeah.

    • I agree. Real involute tooth profiles would make this irresistible for the mechanically obsessive. But this is badass, regardless. Now I want to see one that provides mechanical advantage in thumb wrestling.

    • Just because it is not using completely proper design to make the gears is not a reason to avoid it. EMBRACE it for the geek coolness and take it as it is Bruce. You know you want one just as bad as I do.

      • Wow, I kinda knew the daggers would start flying. Please, don’t get me wrong, this thing is TOTAL MECHANICAL GEEKERY SWEETNESS! And, yes, I want one, but as it is now I wouldn’t be willing to pay more than $75 for it, not the $165 they’re asking (plus I’m a size 8 and the smallest they have now is a 9).

        I’m just trying to give some perspective from a consumer’s standpoint. Think about it, as cool as this is, it’s still a ring. And a ring is still considered a piece of jewelery. My wife and I just celebrated our 10th anniversay awhile back and were considering getting new rings. Now, at the time I was considering getting a fairly plain yet cool tungsten ring. Men’s bands like that range anywhere from $500-$2000. I was willing to shell out around $500. If this were available as I described it above, I’d be willing to pay up to $1500 for it. You see the difference? And as Ocell pointed out, the target market for this would be engineering geeks so the extra details would be appreciated, whereas this appeals to a broader audience.

        While I’m on this picky kick, I might as well throw in: I absolutely loathe flathead fasteners. Make it a hex drive or torx, and that would rock even more. And o-ring seals to keep out the crud. Does this thing use cartridge needle bearings? Wow, I really am picky. 🙂

          • Bruce, we gotta get together and design some stuff. I agree on the hexdrive and bearing too.

        • Not to worry Bruce, just giving you a slightly hard way to go on your first comment. Your points are well taken on you response expanding upon your first comment. As with all designs, they can be improved upon. I think a phillips head would have been cooler than a flat head. Since this is what is offered, I am going to go with it. I just need to go and get my finger sized so I can order one.

          • You’re right. I also am not giving enough credit to these guys for just getting something out there, now, instead of waiting until they thought it was perfect. Definitely better to just get out there and DO something rather than not accomplish anything at all. I’m sure they learned a TON from process. Kudos guys, really.

            Regarding the flathead, I’m sure they did that to keep costs down. Looking at the images, it appears the slots were cut manually, so it means this was a custom fastener. So cutting a hex,philips, or torx drive would have been very difficult/expensive.

  2. Very impressive work… I’d love to see the manufacturing and assembly process behind this amazing ring!

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

  3. It mechanical geekery unleashed for my fingers. I admire the looks of the design and coolness it would generate if I had one on my hand.

  4. They really need to add a nice radius to the edge of the inner dia . I have a friend who purchased the ring and says it’s not very comfortable.

  5. this is made from high
    quality matte stainless steel. they should have used this in lord of the rings I really want one of these, though. This is way better.
    designer rings

  6. Hi ! i was interesting your ring ! but is it UK size ? and wt is the smallest size ? if i pay in paypal is it i need to pay UK$165 then u will post it to me because i live in Hong kong ! one more thing , if it is UK size i only wearing 5 or 6 , do u have it ? my e-mail is garyhoyeah@yahoo.com.hk .THANK YOU !

  7. SolidSmack,
    I want to order the product of Kinekt Design, but i cannot get the email address of Kinekt Design. Would you mind sending me the email address. Thank a lot .


  8. Davidnfashion Reply

    It is very nice information to find good Rings in the online market. Here you explain very well about the good quality rings. I am thankful for your information.

  9. Allmixedup2178 Reply

    im actually trying to mimick as close as i can to this ring, this ring design in solid works with some modifications so its not plagerism, and i dont know the design exactly, but im doing this basic design for my final project for my mechanical drawing class, and im doing it in solid works 2010. its gonna be a challenge, but im hoping to get it done by next friday, so in about a week and a half.

  10. I also read all you folk’s comments, and I truly like the design. I to can see how it could be improved appearance; furthermore I want to let you all know I do electroplating, and electro-polishing. When I look at this ring, I think the screws would look better plated in a black-oxide torx #6 or #8 , the inner gears been buffed to a high luster, the inner bearing race would look great plated with 24k gold, and the outer ring gears buffed, and perhaps black chromed.
    To let you all know after Friday next week, I will be completing my asst degree in mechanical design. It has taken me about 8 years, because I became disabled in 2001 with a partial prosaic knee. Nine years later I will be going next month to have a full knee implanted.
    I all the classes I excelled in solid work, over other parametric molders. So what I purposes is if I was to have the lose parts, given to me I would do the plating and finishing. So if someone wants me to put the detail work into the ring, Please Email me: skyclad2006@yahoo.com I think, I deserve a ring like that as a gradation present, or a class ring.
    Hey Allmixedup would you send me your design I would like to see it, or tell me where I can find the model. I am going to contact Kinekt to see if I can buy the machined parts.

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