Indian Motorcycle, one of the world’s oldest motorcycle companies, has heard the complaints about motorcycles taking up too much space on the road. Their answer? The Indian Scout Bobber.

To the untrained eye, this two-wheeled vehicle looks just like any other bike ridden by hooligans. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see all of its features have been stripped down in  a design that’s squashed together to bring riders closer to the asphalt.

It’s a beautiful design. Simple in the execution and appearance.  With its shorter fenders, gentle curve, prominent exhaust lines and even more prominent V-Twin engine, it’s a sight to behold, especially the blacked-out version. With everything about the design so tightly integrated, it has the look of a heavily customized bicycle.

But why should the motorcycle lower the driver in the first place?

Apart from reducing the distance between a rider’s face and the ground, the Scout Bobber is aimed at giving riders a more controlled driving experience. It angles your body forward, which keeps you balanced while making you look more menacing than a person who doesn’t mind being pelted by bugs at 90 mph. Couple this with a leather riding jacket and a skull helmet, and you’re one badass bike rider.

While they’re pushing “no frills, all attitude” they don’t scrimp on the essentials. The Scout Bobber is equipped with street tracker handlebars to point the vehicle where you want it to go, bar-end side mirrors which show where you have been, LED lighting at the back to go along with the side-mounted license plate, and knobby tires that keeps you glued to the road (hopefully).

While almost every part of this motorcycle has been reduced and reshaped better than Michael Jackson’s face, the engine is the one thing that hasn’t been tampered with. The Scout Bobber runs on a 69 cubic inch, 100 horsepower V-Twin engine. The built-in liquid cooling system keeps the engine from overheating and ensures your butt stays safe from major burns.

The Bobber is priced to start at $11,499. To see more details about the Indian Scout Bobber (as well as the additional add-ons) check out the slick 360 view of the motorcycle on the Indian Motorcycle webpage.


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