There’s one question I often ponder. What could I stick on a rabbit to make it look more like a robot? You too? Oh, I agree, a bear… yeah, a bear could be robotically accessorized really well, granted he’s not eating you instead.

Maybe you don’t have an animal to stick robot part on, so here’s another option. The 3D printable RevoFrame chassis system. Xian Brock, aka WuLong Toys, has developed a wonderful articulating 11″ robot frame with attach points for all sorts of armour, weapons, gear, jets, blasters, blades and whatever other robot accessory you can churn out of your 3D printer.

The RevoFrame Chassis system provides you with a collection of parts and joints to build a skeletal frame for your giant robot. The parts can be configured in a wide variety of ways to create many different body types and include ports for attaching armor and equipment.”

There’s even a little cutout in the front, to add a pilot for your mech, compatible with WuLong’s MechCity People models. Since there’s a lot of clipping and snapping, Gizmo Dorks ABS is recommended for the prints with a layer height of 0.18mm, a 2mm shell thickness, and 20% fill. There are 21 pieces altogether. Check out just a few of the options below.

You can download the model files. There are accessories on WuLong’s profile and also quite a few on the website.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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