You’ve got loads of ideas from portable candy launchers to cheese grating iPhone cases, but steps in the process (and your evil arch-nemesis Tim “criticizes everything” Jerksteen) has got your design mojo, motionless. Never fear! Another idea funding, “slam that design process in the face,” product site is here and it’s absolutely delicious… in fact, it’s Ideacious. While it has similarities to what you may have seen, they’re setting this up to be a shop that cuts through the craziness involved along the product production path and they’ve laid it all out very well. Take a look.

Ideacious: Launch your design

All the sites use the word ‘Submit’ …I prefer ‘Launch.’ Way more proactive, don’tcha think? Anyway… Comparison time.

Ya just can’t help not comparing. And while Ideacious is sure to stand on it’s own, it closely resembles a mix of two other popular design funding sites, Quirky and Kickstarter. It’s more like a combination of the two. It’s closer to Quirky, where you can commit to buy a product, whereby funding it and earning a percent of sales. The difference is the removal of quantifying the product idea through community voting. With Ideacious, it’s you and your idea, own your own, gettin’ after it. There’s some attraction in that, if you prefer not to have the input of others.

Crumble the design roadblocks

With Ideacious, you do have the option of getting input from a designer, but if you’ve got your idea, concept or prototype, you could skip straight to the part that’s holding you back, whether it’s getting a design patent or sourcing manufacturing. They even have an option to help determine distribution. The only option I didn’t see mention of is licensing, which can also be an important aspect of getting your idea out to the masses.

My two favorite products on the site so far? The t-shirt screen printer, the jet set clothing/bag hooks and Throne, a traditional chair to hide the repugnance of your ceramic toilet.

So, go for it. Ideacious. It’s about time you got that shoulder-mounted laser light show into production.

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