Shocking and amazing. Creating something on the iPad, instead of absorbing the limitless digital content, browsing design variations instead of movie options, sending in an order of that design to be printed instead of sending in orders for a large deep-pan pizza. The iRing3D iPad app has done it. It’s all simple and quite basic – drag some points, adjust, send to Shapeways or Sculpteo for your own 3D printed jewelry creation. However, there’s an interesting aside that foretells a bit about creating designs on mobile touchscreen devices and perhaps about CAD interfaces themselves.

Adaptable CAD geometry

I love the idea of being able to create geometry and then have it adapt to various conditions – time, space, attitude, meat… The iRing3D app is quite amazing on many levels. One of which is how we interact with 3D geometry, both now and in the future, on touchscreen/mobile devices. You’ve got to make certain consolations in how you present 3D geometry for change in a touchscreen app and iRing3D has a brilliant concept. It allows you to quickly change the external shape of the ring, much like you would change the waveform of pitch in music or the falloff of light in an image. At the moment, you have two choices with a set amount of variation, but the possibility is there for a larger range of variation and ultimately have the ‘cad geometry waveform’ (even beyond small jewelry design) adapt to external conditions or imported geometry and waveforms of other data. Very cool stuff for such a little app.

We asked Dr. Eyal Nir, Founder and CTO of ParaCloud, makers of iRing3D, about these possibilities. Here’s what he had to say.

“iRing3D offers control over various parameters of the ring shape. It can be described as a ring “synthesizer” where instead of changing the pitch, waveform and envelop of a sound, it applies it to the visual form of the ring. In this version we have 3 form generators controlling the Height, Growth and Waveform applied to the Ring. On top of that, the users can sketch the outline of the ring, define the shape of the ring section and define the ring size. These features allows creating a wide range of forms. The technology allows for introducing associative conditions and adapt to form to meet various constraints. In this version we only use conditional reporting, so users can get feedback on the design thickness, to meet the requirements of the 3D printers.

We are exploring additional for generators for future versions, as well as additional apps for various products. The app generates a 3D Printable CAD file automatically, so no CAD knowledge is required. You can use the attached images, all created with iRing3D and 3D printed online.”

You can Download iRing3D from iTunes for $5.99 with tutorials, examples and more on the iRing3D website.

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