Time to bring that retro skateboard design into the future and snag yourself a sweet, high performance composite ride. Hydroflex Skateboards, hailing from Oceanside, CA knows a thing or two about vintage surf style–They build surfboards. Now, they’re turning their attention toward skateboards, taking the retro style of the 70’s and literally infusing it with the future. Along with this they have a new Kickstarter campaign that will make your skate legs quiver more than they should. Three deck options using a high-end glassing technique with crystal infusion technology reminiscent of surfboard builds and a mesmerizing sight to behold.

“Over the last couple of years we have developed a high-tech manufacturing process for making composite skateboards built with foam, fiber and resin. Our boards are built with 21st century technology: Not only are they light, waterproof and durable, they have great riding characteristics, too.”

Remember the ‘Banana board’? That skinny-miny plastic flex-deck and chunky wheels to carve the curbs in the burbs? Hydroflex is bringing the banana back, but boosting the backend build-up with a unique process that allows streamline construction and custom colors. As much as I want to ride them, I want to buy a set to collect. We asked Rich Ciesco, CEO of Hydroflex Technology on some details of the design process. For 3D modeling they used Rhinoceros 3D. As you can imagine there was quite an extensive prototyping process where they tried four different types of infusion molding set ups–Anything from bagging processes to silicone tooling. They ended up using two part molding which works great for the secondary color-infusion process. Here’s a look at how it all happens.



The line-up of decks they have is impressive, both in shape, style and color. You can get a 24″ micro-deck, a 30.5″ mini-deck or a nifty 36″ longboard. The micro decks start at $90 with an array of custom options down the entire line, all the way up to a custom longboard complete for $310. What’s even cooler is a limited Design Edition where five backers have the opportunity to work with their design and engineering team to create a completely custom shape and design plus get the first 10 for free. That’ll cost $6,000 to make that dream come true. There are plenty of options though to get into a board that will turn some heads or mount on your wall to refresh those memories of younger years. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and hop over to Kickstarter and snag one of these sweet rides.








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