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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

LiftWare Spoon – $260 may sound like a lot for a single spoon, but the Liftware Spoon is invaluable to those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Yes this intelligent spoon designed by Lift Labs features stabilizing technology that actively detects and stabilizes a user’s tremor. The design also includes other attachments such as a fork, key holder and more for making living with Parkinsons a little easier. Check it out at

AeroSeven Racer – Caterham is the British speciality sport car manufacturer known for their updated spins on traditional British sport cars, and their new AeroSeven Racer concept is the updated take on their Seven CSR platform. With an extra-light carbon fiber body and 237 horsepower that’ll get you from 0-60 in under 4 seconds, you can rest safe knowing that you’ll get to your country house for tea and crumpets in style. Available next year at UK.CaterhamCars.Com.

Coast – Been looking for a more iPad-friendly browser? Well, Coast is the great looking new mobile web browsing interface from Opera built specifically for the iPad. Featuring a unique icon-based browsing experience with drag, drop, and swipe features, this definitely switches things up from a Chrome or Safari experience. Get it for free on iTunes.

Shake – If you’ve ever been in a negotiation with somebody and don’t have the necessary paperwork ready-to-go (such as an on-the-fly freelance job or money loan), things can turn pretty hairy pretty fast. Shake is the new app that allows you to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds from your phone. Making it legal doesn’t have to be complicated anymore folks. Get it for free on iTunes.

POV DSLR Helmet Rig – Smoth, you still have duct tape stuck to your forehead from that time you tried to get a POV shot on your first generation iPhone. I do? Why didn’t anybody tell me? It’s been six years! Maybe next time try this POV Helmet rig for getting those juicy POV shots. Yes, using an old motorcycle helmet and some weights for stabilization, mount your DSLR and spend the day creating your own POV movie. Check it out on Vimeo.

USB Power Outlet – If you’re handy with electronics and find yourself pulling your hair out over not having enough USB chargers around the house, you may want to take a look at this ‘Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality Project’ from Apartment Therapy. Are there ever enough outlets? NO! Check it out at

Full Turn Project – Creating 3D light sculptures from a flat computer monitor doesn’t sound like an easy task, yet design student Benjamin Muzzin has done just that with his Full Turn project. Yes, using a spinning rig to power a flatscreen monitor through constant 360 degree rotations and fluctuating 2D animations, Benjamin effectively creates the illusion of various 3D light orbs. Check it out at Vimeo.

IKEA Solar Panels – And finally, IKEA has announced that they’ll be selling solar panels for homes starting in the next few months in the UK. Yep! A standard system will run about $9,200 and will save the average family up to 50% on energy bills. Skeptical? Just think of all the swedish meatballs and lingonberry juice you’ll be able to buy with the money you save. Check out more at

What’s on cadjunkie?
This week we’ve unleashed the all-new modo Zen plug-in geared at making modo a little easier to navigate for product designers. We’ve got some other stuff coming too, so keep an eye out and as always, be sure to head over to for a free membership!

What’s on Engineer vs Designer?
What’s on EngineerVsDesigner? This week we talked with Mr. Stephen Walden, the young entrepreneur over at Bosse Tools who has redesigned the shovel as we know it to be more ergonomic and interchangeable! Check it out on! Rock!

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