Raising money on Kickstarter might be the next most difficult undertaking to raising children (or a crop of heirloom tomatoes), but a few projects have made it look easy. Bright Ideas is a book–a Crowdfuding Almanac–that goes straight to the source, with stories, lessons learned and a good dose of thick, gritty process from many of the most notable Kickstarter projects to date.

Bright Ideas: Crowfunding Almanac

Mark and Matthew McLachlan are two brother and Inventors from Denver, Colorado. They’re founders of tinylightbulbs.com, the only place online where you can browse and buy the most successful crowdfunding products in the world. Now they’ve launched their own Kickstarter campaign with 150 pages of behind-the-scenes appeal aimed at providing more detail on the Kickstarter projects that have seen success.

Bright Ideas will be approximately 100-150 full-color pages, bound in a beautiful, premium linen hardcover. This will truly be a high quality book, and your coffee table will thank you. It will feature three components:

  1. Exclusive interviews with the creators of dozens of Kickstarter projects.
  2. Courses covering all of the major processes involved in bringing an idea to life (plastic injection molding, CNC machining, patent filing, and more).
  3. Directory of experts (recommended by Kickstarter creators themselves) from countless fields involving manufacturing, packaging, publishing, and more.

You can see the full list of Kickstarter projects in the book on thier Kickstarter campaign. It includes over 30 projects, many you have likely help fund – Peeble, Instant lab, Bridge, Winehive, CableKeeps and so many more. I’m crazy about the process and what goes into product development, so I jumped on this one quick. There are still plenty of Early Bird specials on this one, so jump in and grab one or five for yourself and a gift (Christmas is coming up.)


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