Advertised as ‘Miniature Mountain Majesties’ on their Shapeways site, TinyMtn probably couldn’t describe their product any better even if they were offered a contract with NASA to 3D print mars as the prize. By using USGS (United States Geological Survey) public data, the creators have produced a striking 3D print library that begs the question…why didn’t I think of that?

TinyMtn’s are…Ridiculously Awesome

While the market for a $200 bust of Mt. Hood might be fairly narrow, I can imagine somebody out there is dying to cover their hallway table in these things. Or a nostalgic mountain climber. Or somebody who wants to reflect on a memory of a view from their airplane window. For me personally, living in Portland, Oregon I am never far from a sweet view of Mt. Hood (or far from actually being on Mt. Hood for that matter), but I would absolutely love to have a 3D print of Mt. Hood on my desk…if for no reason other than to just marvel at how cool of a 3D print it is:

“We here at TinyMtn strive to design simple and accurate miniatures of the most dramatic and majestic landscapes on the Earth that will enliven your desk, coffee table, or workshop. Each model is a true-to-scale recreation of the surface topography of a real place—we never artificially scale the vertical dimension because we believe that nature has sculpted these landscapes to perfection already. We hope that having a TinyMtn in your home or office reminds you of the beauty of our world, as it does for us.”

The Grand Canyon


Mount McKinley


Mount Hood


Mount Rainier


Mount Saint Helens




Zion National Park


Bonus points for the first person who creates a mold with one of the prints and concocts an edible chocolate mountain.

Various Sizes ($49-$199), via TinyMTN on Shapeways


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