herman miller embody designIt’s not everyday you get to sit for hours on end, as your body slowly atrophies… ok, well, maybe it is everyday, but this new chair from Herman Miller may turn your hardening arteries into pliable conduits of efficient blood flow to get that oxygen back up to your brain case.

The Embody chair, with all of it’s flexors, knobs and adjustments, was designed by the late Bill Stumpf of Aeron Chair fame and taken through multiple iterations by his associate, Jeff Weber after Stumpf’s death in 2006.

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Embody takes Stumpf and Chadwick’s 1994 Aeron chair, adds 14 years of vision, ergonomic knowledge and ecological awareness to produce a chair that is 96% recycled material and ready to improve your circulation.

“we found a reduction in heart rates and improved circulation across the board… People would sit down on it and sometimes without prompting they’d tell us that their bodies were feeling less constrained, that they could open up their chest cavities and torsos.”Embody – I.D.

From a design and engineering perspective, the translucent back membrane and open design give you an look and how all the flexors, suspension bands and coils work together. Add that to the claims they make and you’ve got a chair that every desk jockey is sure to enjoy.

The price? Only $1,595 retail, but my guess is that it will probably be seen online soon for just under a grand. Aren’t you worth it?

stumpf weber embody chair design
Image via Furniture Matters

embody chair in blue

embody chair back detail

embody chair details of flexors

Source: Fortune (Thanks Charles!) and I.D. Photos: Christopher Barrett


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