cool vista wallpaper backgroundWhat’s the last thing you’re thinking of when you wander into a den of wild asps? …What system is best for running SolidWorks on 64 bit Vista. That does absolutely nothing for your survivability quotient.

It’s a common misconception that SolidWorks doesn’t run very well on 64 bit Vista. If you look into installing Microsoft Vista the experience can be quite the opposite. Now, people are using laptops and desktops loaded with Vista that kick the pants off XP systems.

However, it may help to know exactly what systems works best. So I turn it over to you, the reader.

Have you upgraded? What system do you use? What did you look for when upgrading your hardware? What programs didn’t work? What did you pay? Tell us what your experience in the comments and I’ll repost the findings.

Vista wallpaper image from Brajeshwar


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