Last September, we shared German illustrator Eilert Janssen’s new Real Markers, a Photoshop brush set with over 120 tools that emulate the look of real alcohol-based and permanent markers.

Hej Brush

But hej (pronounced hey), he has since then updated the Hej Brush lineup with new brushes that include Draw! – a set of dry media brushes (pencils, crayons, pastels and coal), Ink! – a set of wet/dry ink brushes and Paint! – a set of brushes that simulate painting on canvas and paper.

Each set can be purchased separately for a small fee ranging from 5 to 7 Euros or bought together in the All! package for 30 Euros. All! includes all Hej! sets mentioned above, plus Real Markers!, Concept! and upcoming unreleased sets as well. In total, it provides 400+ brushes that can be used with Adobe Photoshop CS6+.

YouTube video

Hej Stylus

Eilert has also debuted Hej Stylus!, which allows your cursor to emulate the action of a brush with incredible accuracy. Instead of the cursor responding in a stiff, digital pencil-like fashion, it performs more like a brush with a primary force and an offset action that simulates strokes by the bending of the bristles. Here it is in action:

YouTube video

The radius can be adjusted through the app’s customization panel accessed via the menu bar, and remains active system wide, so it can be used with any other compatible drawing app that’s installed on your computer. As you can suspect, it can interfere with the OS X drag-and-drop capabilities, so it’s best to turn that off when not in use. Hej Stylus! is available now for OS X 10.8.5 and up at 12 EUR (13 USD) at Those interested have the option of trying a free trial demo before buying the full version. And if you want to grab his free brushes, you can download those here.


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