Yes, it’s a helicopter controlled by your brain. Something I never thought possible in my lifetime, let alone commercialized, but there you have it. The Puzzlebox Orbit is a toy chopper, the sort you fought for at Target on Black Friday. And had you avoided the hangry crowds you could have supported the Orbit on Kickstarter. Well you still can (if they don’t get sued by DARPA or Boeing).

If You Think You Can Fly…

Puzzlebox developed this toy as a part of their “Open Source software suite supporting school projects which help introduce students to basic neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces.”. Colour me awesomesauced! The goal of the toy wasn’t so you can have a helicopter that can drop small buckets of water on your hard-to-reach houseplants, but to teach kids. According to a piece by, “the goal of the toy is to not only make you feel like you have telekinetic powers, but to learn something about building and customizing your own hardware and software.”.

YouTube video

…Then You Can Fly

The Puzzlebox Orbit is an open-source company, and they intend to set all of the software and hardware schema free. Think of what you could brainstorm with this sort of technology? Of course, what if it malfunctioned? Then you’d have a helicopter trying to write engaging blog posts and a blogger twirling around with his arms aloft. Although the immediate risk of neuro-nastiness is low, the risk to my wallet being lightened is significantly higher. The full kit is only $299. Holy hand-grenade! I’m in.

And so should you. There are only 12 short days left in this campaign. Puzzlebox has broken their target, but a little more could always help. Pitch in here!