In a world where mass-manufactured Nike Air Jordans, Teva Sandals, and Croc Clogs dominate the sidewalks, it’s easy to overlook the time and patience that goes into designing and making shoes by hand. Sure there’s value in appreciating how the latest sneaker design came to fruition, but the amount of disconnect is surely larger than those who design and deliver their products to their customer under a single roof. Take for example footwear designer and maker Barbora Veselá. In her latest project Geology of Shoes, Veselá gathers inspiration from topographic maps and invites us into her design and making process for creating one-of-a-kind, handmade shoes.

Process: Barbora Veselá

“(My) work reflects deep technical knowledge and creative competence.”

Taking inspiration from sediment layers and the erosion process and blending it with her unique take on classic shoe designs, the London-based designer is challenging classic shoe making techniques with the playfulness and colors of today’s top-selling shoe designs. After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Veselá explored the world of shoemaking while developing her own unique project directions:













You can check out more of Barbora’s work over at her site.

Images via Barbora Veselá


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