As convenient as it is for rapid prototyping purposes, 3D printing as a method of final manufacturing can be a bit of eyesore, depending on your tastes. However, when done right and put into context, the use of additive manufacturing to create everyday items can also create some attractive objects that are worthy of a place on your table or shelf.

CASAfacile, an Italian home and lifestyle magazine, has teamed up with TourDeFork, a culinary creative consultancy, to design a collection of good looking objects and design tutorials called ‘The Future of DIY’, which uses 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC technologies to fabricate.

The ‘Future of DIY’ project files will be able to be downloaded for free from the magazine’s website and either created at home or taken to a local FABlab to be printed/cut into the final product design.


The new series brings to mind Martha Stewart’s recent foray into 3D printing which saw her brand merge with MakerBot in the form of custom colored filaments and small housewares designed by the Martha Stewart brand.

For their first round of products, the TourDeFork team designed a collection that incorporates existing household objects into the final product designs including old bottles, a cake stand and a hanger, among others:









Stay updated on future projects over at TourDeFork.


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