Just look at that nice couple. So overcome with comfort from a sofa designed in SolidWorks, they’re about to smash there poor faces right into each other. Not too uncommon, but furniture designed in SolidWorks, that’s something that’ll make you look forward to bloody noses.

Flexsteel has been making furniture for over 100 years. After being part of furniture customization over that period of time, it’s easy to see why moving to 3D could add a lot of value to the array of products they create.

Upholstered furniture is challenging to create in SolidWorks. You won’t get all the nice little tucks and dimples just perfect, but you can get the desired shaped and framing built in. When you look at some of their pieces you can see there’s a lot more detail to the design than foam and leather. Detail that can help you reuse, modify and turn out custom furniture pretty dang fast, according to their designers.

Here’s some examples of the styles they create.

flexsteel theater seating designed in solidworks

flexsteel stool designed in solidworks

flexsteel chair designed in solidworks


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