Our smartphones can do anything and almost everything. Think you’re lost? Whip out your phone. Need to look up an address? Phone’s got you covered. Get in a fender bender? Your phone can take pictures. But even with this technology at our finger tips, there are some situations where a smartphone is useless, like getting locked out of your house or being able to cut through tough rope. That’s where the EvadeClip comes in.

Created by survivalist Rick and his company TIHK, the EvadeClip is like the survivalists switchblade. Instead of being armed with a corkscrew, screwdriver, and pocket knife, this clip comes packed with tools to get you out of stickier situations. It features a three-piece lock pick with tensioner, triangle and W-pick, a carbide rod saw to cut through metal, and a heat-treated, stainless steel mini-saw for cutting through rope or other fibrous materials. The EvadeClip is also discreet, sizing in at only 1/4″ thick and 2 ½” long, including an integrated clip to easily attached it to your clothes.

Though it looks good in its black matte finish, the company says the design is only 95% complete. During the building phase, the team went through several different designs before settling on the current form. The team is currently working on finalizing the attachment clip along with improving the quality of the tool.


It sounds extreme to try and prepare for extreme situations like kidnappings or trying to escape a bad place, but TIHK just wants people to be prepared for anything, even if it seems like a scenario out of a movie. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the company has been specializing in protection gear since they formed in 2013. They successfully funded the clipable handcuff key made to be discreet and get people out of most cuffs in dangerous situations. The company is dedicated to helping people protected themselves when they feel their life, liberty, or property has been compromised.

It’s noble that TIHK designs tools for citizens to help themselves, but one has to question what will happen if the EvadeClip gets in the wrong hands. But what is any tool in the wrong hands, be it gun, blade, scissors or lock pick? It’s difficult to deter someones intent on harm or bad behavior, so let’s hope that people who truly need this to be prepared are able to get their hands on it. They’ve more than doubled their flexible goal of $20,000 on Indiegogo, so it looks like people will be receiving these handy tools in the July 2016 timeframe.

Though it’s sure to be available on their site, the EvadeClip is currently available on the IndieGoGo campaign for $25 a pop or a family pack of five for $80.

What I like most about EvadeClip, is that you don’t create grimaces on other people like you do when you whip out the assisted-open pocket knives. Then again, people are just way too sensitive these days.






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