There are times when one needs to wash a few items of clothing, but it’s nowhere near being a full washing machine load. What to do! For those who adhere to a ‘green standard’, those small loads prey on the mind as being a waste of water, electricity and knob turning. Those who have very few clothes, live off the grid in the woods, want a baby clothes washer as cute as their baby or are, perhaps, camping and need clean attire, will want to take a look at the Yirgo Drumi.

Currently nearing their crowdfunding goal of $100,000 on Indiegogo, Yirego’s Drumi is a foot-powered washing machine that uses just 5 to 10 liters of water to clean 5lbs of clothing. That translate roughly to one pair of jeans, three sweaters or six t-shirts–just big enough to essentially wash one outfit. The Drumi is designed just like its larger, electric-powered cousins with an inner rolling drum to oscillate the clothing while being cleaned. It also sports a detergent tray, a twist valve for water drainage and easy carrying handles for washing laundry on the go.

According to Yirego, it takes only 5-10 minutes of washing to get clothes clean: 2-4 minutes for the actual wash cycle, 2-4 minutes for the rinse and 1-2 minutes for spin. Easy enough, but what about clothing that’s covered in dirt or grease? Suffice it to say, you will probably have the best-toned calves of anyone in your neighborhood. Those looking to get their hands on Yirego’s Drumi can pledge $199 and up on the Drumi Indigogo page.









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