Already the creator of one of the most successfully funded projects ever on Kickstarter—the Elevation Dock—Portland, Oregon-based industrial designer Casey Hopkins is pushing to create an even more seamless workspace environment with his new Elevation Stand Kickstarter campaign.

With 38 days left in his campaign, the Elevation Stand has already more than tripled it’s $25,000 funding goal. At $59, it’s the perfect solution for putting those old engineering books back on the bookshelf and raising your display to a comfortable eye-level.

Using the same 90 million pound press that Tesla uses to create structures for their Model S, the seamless design features a solid unibody construction that is CNC milled and finished to match the existing material properties of current Apple displays ranging from the iMac to the Thunderbolt Display.



As seen in the above video, other existing monitor stands are bulky and stray away from the aesthetics of the monitor creating an undesirable eyesore. The neat internal cavity of the Elevation Stand provides just the right amount of room to hide any other tools on your desk including a small sketchbook, an external drive, or even your keys and wallet.


In staying true to the same manufacturing processes used on their Elevation Dock, the Elevation Stand uses the same 20-step finishing process that Apple uses on their aluminum products—which includes glass bead blasting, acid etching, an electro-chemical polish and a deep anodize.

Thanks to the Elevation Stand’s NanoPad™ material, the stand locks to the Apple display with thousands of microscopic air vacuums thus preventing the display to fall off—while also being able to peel off easily if desired.


To get a sample of the manufacturing process used for the Elevation Stand, here’s the same process that was used for the Elevation Dock:

If interested, you can pick one up over at the Elevation Stand Kickstarter page.


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