For folks like us that literally live, eat, sleep (and even takes a crap) with their tablet or phone attached to the end of their fingertips, this Onion report comes as great news. Imagine spending all day and night rocking back and forth just like a baby in mommy’s womb. Wellness geeks say that ‘curling up in a ball on the floor’ is the best way to dash away the blues and work more efficiently.

We couldn’t agree more. While you’re at it, sneak in a few naps and lullabies, and go for the lazy bag of bones syndrome full throttle. Agreed this posture won’t diminish your workload, but it will give you the will to survive another day at work.

On a serious note, here are some creative ways to get work done.


A desk where you work and crap at the same time.


A scooter desk that allows you to fulfill your riding fantasies.


Some say standing is the best option.


We say, catch up on beauty sleep whenever you can. Take a power nap.


Finally, the real deal.