It was a hard rain that hit the side of the fence that covered its approach, but it was the color spectrum shooting from betwixt its fur-ridden mandible that woke us. Not only was color escaping its face like water into a drowned cargo hold, carrot tops and cabbage leaves were falling everywhere. It was all we could take, until these links exploded from its jowls as well.

Daniel Joustra – All sorts of mech goodness from Daniel who has a captivating ability to capture hard surfaces and floating things.
Stars of World Cup – I have no idea who all these guys are, but seeing these I imagine everyone from their countries painted the same.
GoT Jazz – Leave it to the Swamp Donkey’s to do up the Games of Thrones theme proper with this rickety twist on everyone’s favorite mega-novels turned tv series.
Amok – This is the most brilliant hammock ever devised. I imagine a bear would have a field day, batting it around with a screaming meal inside.
Gravity Rock Opera – You will watch this and either want to grow up to be just like them or have a really strong hankering for a cup of tea.
Botanical Jewels – Can you dig it? GrowthObjects presents the rather complex 3d prints integrating the structure of moss, coral, nests and branches into wearable jewelry.
Accordian + Vodka – I like how some people are like WTF, but mostly I like the tortured approach to drinking vodka.
Below the Surface – I’m one for incredible architecture and incredible architecture prints. Saatchi&Saatchi Russia present the undiscovered structures beneath the surface.
beat:repeat – Imagine interacting with and learning who developed the 101 vintage drum machines in the installation by Red Paper Heart.


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