If you’re someone who has the energy to exercise after sitting at a desk for 12 hours… well, of course you should. If you don’t wear your exercise clothes at work, you probably tote around your work bag along with an exercise bag. Shoes, clothes, soap, rubber ducky– the essentials. One person dared to imagine eliminating one bag/combining both bags.

Designer David Hundertmark of Farer Design thought there was a better solution to lugging around two bags and wanted something stylish built for his active lifestyle. The Dayfarer is the culmination of a year’s worth of sweating every detail in a bag designed to hold your gym gear and work materials.

The bag has standard backpack amenities like a padded laptop compartment and secret pockets located on the straps, side, and front of the bag, but most of the Dayfarer’s cooler features focus on its ability to store workout gear.

While the adjustable water bottle holder is pretty neat, you can find this feature in almost any outdoor bag.

What most bags don’t have is a hidden shoe compartment located at the bottom of the bag. The ventilated cubbyhole has room for a sole resident (excuse the shoe pun) and has a divider which can be attached under the backpack when not in use.

But the coolest thing about the bag has to be its main compartment, which looks more like the inside of a suitcase than a backpack. Apart from those mesh pockets nobody really uses and a back pouch for holding towels, users can open the bag like a suitcase to reach items at the bottom. Considering how backpack users have to excavate for belongings, it’s pretty surprising more bags don’t have this feature. It even has a magnetic lock that is totally going to double as a fidget clicker. Just look at these photos of people being people like you and me, but way cooler because they know what’s in their bag.

The Dayfarer (empty) measures 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 7″ (45 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm) and can carry a weight of up to 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg). It is made out of nylon fabric and has a water-repellent coating exterior, so your stuff will stay dry as long as you don’t fall in a pool. It also comes with EVA foam straps and a ventilated back panel to alleviate having to carry a heavy bag to the office.

What did the initial design look like? A bit like that mulch sack you tossed last year:

The final product looks A HECK of a lot better than Hundertmark’s initial design, although that knapsack taped with cardboard kinduva has some classic appeal, no? After updating it with finer materials and colored fabric, the Dayfarer looks like it stepped out of a suit store for backpacks.

What do you think? Does it strike a perfect work-gym balance or does it simply settle to make going from work to the gym a bit easier?

Well, The Kickstarter community thinks it’s quite the pack – The Dayfarer has doubled its $30,000 goal with a few days to go. You can snag one yourself for $159 USD (129 €) with a July 2018 estimated shipping. Check out the Kickstarter page or farerdesign.com for more info.


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