When we last looked at PolyPort (formerly D3CRYPT3D), they were just buttoning up their shiny start-up pants, but already dropping jaws with their approach to 3D asset protection. They ended up winning the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Privacy and Security, presented at SIGGRAPH, pitched at Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) and Veteran Shark Attack, announced a MyStemKits.com partnership, was accepted into the Darkfield cybersecurity accelerator, and released Beta 2.0 of their software. It all added up to 82 high-fives, 156 fist bumps and buckets of grit and determination to push the possibilities of complete 3D asset tracking, management, and IP protection.

This month, they released a new preview that shows just how far the software has come, with a sneak peek of where it’s going, in a look at PolyPort Alpha version 2.2:


“Polyport protects 3D assets by using stacked encryption to protect content.”

Included are a completely redesigned UI, asset preview creation, quick access sharing, asset launching, more 3D file support, and an impressive Contract feature that allows easy asset management for outsourcing work – see that at the 2:30 mark.

Contract Management for Outsourceing Work in Polyport.
Contract Management for Outsourcing Work in PolyPort.

The Contract Management includes the ability to select existing assets, sample assets and design sketches, set deadline and deliverables, choose from a personal contractor list, make calls, and upload job specifications and contracts.

If you watched through to the end, you also heard that in the very near future blockchain smart contracts will control the transactions bringing in another layer of security to the workflow. You’ll also be able to send directly to a 3D printer, list in a 3D marketplace or send to a manufacturing facility with complete confidence that you control how accessible your 3D data is.

I’m past asking why didn’t someone do all of this sooner. Now, I’m just anticipating where they’ll take it next.

Polyport will be out at SXSW again this month. They’ve been chosen as a finalist for the  SXSW 2018 Accelerator Pitch Event where CEO and Co-founder, Chloe Kettell, will be pitching, Sunday, March 11th. After they learned some things at PBC in a run-up to raising capital, I have no doubt, they’ll impress.

You can get the demo and learn more at polyport.io.


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