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If you still haven’t managed to remove the ‘Everything is Awesome‘ LEGO Movie song from your head, this next bit of awesome news probably isn’t going to help much…unless of course, keeping the song stuck in your head is awesome (it’s awesome).

Inspired by his three awesome sons and their desire to create more complex LEGO models, cool dad Mike Carpenter set out to create an ultimate LEGO brick that will put your LEGO City set to shame (not really though). The result is Carbon Fiber Tiles, a finishing piece for LEGO models that provides a modular carbon fiber surface.

“My boys (Erickson, Ansel and Ellis) and I love to build, create and tinker with LEGO bricks. As they progressed from simple projects to more complex and elaborate kits, we began to think about what sort of accessory we could create that would be super cool. The result of that thinking are these Carbon Fiber Tiles,” said Carpenter.


Starting with the task of finding a carbon fiber company that the family could partner up with, the Carpenters decided to focus on a 1×2 tile that would accommodate the popular and iconic 2×4 LEGO brick for their first prototype. Soon after, the family received their first sample in November of 2014 and were instantly impressed when they added the carbon fiber bricks to their LEGO models.

“We received the samples in November. Once we held these pieces in our hands and added them to some of our designs – we thought we might have something special,” Carpenter added. “There are other colors and finishes for carbon fiber that are interesting, but the gloss black version is the classic – the standard. That is the style that instantly is recognized as mad wicked awesome … We think you’ll agree that these Carbon Fiber Tiles are brilliant. ”



Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Carpenter and family are hoping to expand their lineup of Carbon Fiber tiles and establish a more polished supply chain to expand the selection of tile sizes and materials…including tiles made from machined aluminum and stainless steel.

As for those of you who are wondering about possible licensing infringements, Carpenter had this to say:

“…So, we researched what you are asking about and got legal counsel to give us an opinion. First, backers have no concerns about any of this. Second, all the associated patents have expired, there are already several accessory makers (guns, tank tracks and more) and we do not create bricks with studs. So we are confident in what we are doing. Thanks again for your support – Mark and the boys…”


The 3mm-tall tiles are machined from sheets of aerospace grade carbon fiber and are 100% manufactured in the United States.

You can purchase the Carbon Fiber Tiles starting at $20 for a pack of ten 1×2-size tiles over at Kickstarter.


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