A good hoodie can last you years. The only time to get rid of it is when it’s worn so much it falls apart or is just too darn small. A small hoodie – that’s just the worst, isn’t it? So, two inventors design one big enough for any… well, most people, to ensure you’ll use it until the threads unravel.

The Comfy hoodie is designed to fit you… and perhaps several other people, or a dog, or five bags of chips and your remote control. The hoodies feature giant arms which can hold even the portliest appendages, wide pockets to smuggle snacks into movie houses, an oversized hood which doubles as a pillow, and a large body to hide from your daily responsibilities.

The one size hoodies are modeled after a men’s 5XL hoodie, but BIGGER. For those who love dimensions, The Comfy’s measurements run at 32″ for the shoulders, 64″ at the chest, 76″ at the waist, 80″ at the bottom hem, 30″ for the front length, and 37″ at the back. So yeah, it basically fits a VW bus with room to spare.

Created by Brian and Michael Speciale, The Comfy is made up of microfibers on one side and Sherpa fabric on the other, making it a reversible apparel of fluff. The whole hoodie is made of 100% polyester, comes in three colors (blue, gray, and pink), and doesn’t come with those annoying drawstrings that plague other hoodies.

Making Comfys seems to take a while, as you can only pre-order them for an April 2018 release. They cost a mere $39.99 apiece, but if you don’t mind waiting for winter to pass, you can pre-order one or find more details on The Comfy website.


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