While just about everybody loves dogs, caring for their daily needs is far from easy—the midnight yelps, the endless appetite, and perhaps the most time-consuming of all, taking them out after every meal. The last problem in particular is what the designers of BrilliantPad aim to solve.

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The BrilliantPad is a self-cleaning dog potty which, when used by a dog weighing under 25 pounds, soaks up liquid waste and dries out solid waste before tucking it away for weeks until the absorbent roll is used up:

As to be expected, certain precautions have been made to prevent the BrilliantPad from stinking up your living space. Among others, these include an absorbent polymer that dries both the liquids and solids, a plastic liner that wraps solids to seal them in, and for those who don’t even want to have to look at the mess for days, a covered and locked storage compartment. Additionally, all of the electronic components are built on a modular system—making any disassembly for fixing a breeze.

Even though this is more technologically-advanced than your average pooper-scooper, the pad is still environment-friendly; using thin biodegradable rolls which last the same amount of time as 27 ordinary dog pads and a low-voltage power supply to keep those cleaning bills to a minimum.

The BrilliantPad measures 34 x 24 x 6 inches, weighs 10 pounds, and costs $200. Considering how many times a day your dog goes to the bathroom, you might want to invest instead on teaching your dog how to use the human toilet. That said, the BrilliantPad is a ‘brilliant’ solution to a problem that plagues many dog owners—especially those hold up in the city during the cold months.

Find out more information on the machine, as well as the entire set-up process, over on brilliantpad.com.


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