If you like to go on leisurely hikes outdoors, chances are you’ve brought along some snacks for the trip. And while that’s by no means a bad thing, it always becomes a problem when you’ve finished said snacks and have no place to throw your trash.

Some good Samaritans keep their trash in their bags and dispose of it properly. Others simply dump their garbage on the nature trail without a second thought.

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The Colony Cleanup bag was created to make cleaning up after yourself easier. Unlike plastic grocery bags often reused to hold trash, this nylon pack was made especially for packing, storing, and eventually disposing of your waste.

Colony Cleanup

It starts at the top, where a magnetic opening allows you to pack in a biodegradable liner bag so your trash doesn’t make contact with the Colony Cleanup bag itself.

Once the liner is added, the magnetic opening allows you to store your trash without too much effort; all you need to do is snap it open, dump your waste, and let the opening snap close. You can even store multiple liner bags inside the Colony Cleanup to make sorting easier.

Elastic straps and bands located on the top and bottom of the bag allow you to expand the Colony Cleanup, in case you have more trash than intended or stumble upon someone else’s litter on the trail.

Colony Cleanup

The bag’s true distinguishing feature unveils itself once you’ve reached a proper disposal bin. After placing the bag over a bin, you can unzip the Colony Cleanup’s bottom zipper to dispose of all the stored trash, liner bag and all, without having to touch any of it.

The bottom zipper not only prevents you from touching the trash, but helps you avoid smelling it as well. It’s a simple design that gets the job done.

Colony Cleanup

Apart from being a reusable bag that holds trash liners, the Colony Cleanup also has a lined front pocket which allows you to hold small belongings like your wallet or smartphone (backup liner bags are stored in a built-in dispenser). When not in use, the bag is folded down to the size of a small purse that hangs on your shoulder or stays in your backpack.

It took around a year to conceptualize, design, and create the final prototype for the Colony Cleanup. The project is currently live on Kickstarter and has met its $22,001 goal, with an expected delivery date of November 2020. If you love hiking like us and want to see greener trails, be sure to check it out!

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