It seems no matter how small the problem, there is someone willing to provide a slick design solution. This time around, the problem is cargo management. Not the heavy duty kind of cargo you need for construction; I’m talking about conundrum and troubles of placing things like groceries in your trunk.

Stayhold, an Irish company which specializes in patented cargo holders, was formed with the sole purpose of solving this issue through some smart application of material and engineering. Their plastic cargo stoppers are specifically designed to hold the things in your vehicle’s trunk in place.

Now, the company has added two new items to its roster via Kickstarter.

stayhold boot trunk keeper

stayhold boot trunk keeper

The Metro cargo stopper looks like a gigantic bookend. Only, instead of keeping literature in place, it keeps eggs from yolking up the back of your car. This one was made specifically for trunks with fabric flooring, as the bottom of the Metro features two strips of  Velcro hook to keep it fastened to the floor.

stayhold boot trunk keeper

stayhold boot trunk keeper

The Sidekick, on the other hand, gives off a Star Wars vibe. It has those triangular shapes and corners reminiscent of an X-Wing starfighter, plus the bottom is filled with triangular grippers which hold onto the plastic/rubbery liner of your car floor.

Both stoppers have slots to strap in smaller cargo like bottles and pots. The cargo holders also come in a variety of colors, because your nasty old trunk could use a splash of color.

What’s funny is that, as patented as the company wants this solution to be, keeping your luggage from tumbling around is as easy as plopping a brick, stick or sandbag in the trunk. Too primitive for you? Not as stylish? Well, you can also make your own cargo stopper based on a simple guide on Instrucatables. They might not be as large as the Stayhold, but they get the job done and (psssst!) are a lot cheaper to make.

Still, the Metro cargo holder designs have some appeal with the project close to completing its €20,000 ($23,510) goal through two products that run €20 ($24) a pair and product availability ready to go as soon as the campaign end. If grocery management is an issue for you, you can check out the product  Kickstarter.


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