modern-bookshelf.jpgI’m working on designing and possibly constructing a built-in bookshelf at home. It’s going to wrap around a wall and have an integrated desk in a spot that would otherwise be completely useless.

Amazingly enough, bookshelves have commonly been used to do just that. Make an unused space usable. That’s interesting to me because everyday I amass more digital information than paper-bound information. But having that bookshelf just makes a home that much cozier, don’t ya think?

On top of that there’s just so many designs and ways to use bookshelves. Would you ever get rid of your bookshelf for a wireless reading device like the Kindle? How will bookshelf design change? Here’s a thought. Where will you put all those software boxes? When will that go completely digital right?

Freshhome Quad bookcase

Santos on Flickr

Bookcase bedroom via Core77


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