For some, the discomfort of sitting for long periods of time can turn them off from a pleasant picnic at the park. Designer Jeriël Bobbe has solved this problem of awkward picnic-sitting discomfort and we have his beautiful documented process from ideation to fabrication right here.

Springtime: A New Way to Picnic

The Problem:

“You know, I’m really bad with sitting on the ground…my muscles are too short, I guess; I hold still for about five minutes, and then I have to stand up again.”

-Designer Jeriël Bobbe

The Solution:

Mounted on a bicycle, the modular unit (which can also be carried like a traditional basket) has space for plates, flatware, cups, and of course, the food. The unit unfolds to become a personal cafe tableau.

Process Sketches

Modeling in Rhino

Rendering with VRay

CMF Explorations



Final Components

In Context

In Context

In Use

Jeriël is currently negotiating with suppliers to bring the Springtime to market. For those of us with aching lower backs and a sweet spot for outdoor concerts, let’s hope he does!

via Bloon Design and Fast Co Design


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