Recently, we featured Capsule Skateboards, makers of a 100% polymer skateboard which can stand an unusual amount of punishment and still do everything just as well (if not better) than a traditional maple board. The project on Indiegogo didn’t quite meets their goal but the company has shared some information on how this almost unbreakable board came to be.

Whenever Andreas Charalambous, the visionary behind Capsule, would come home from his day job, he would spend any spare time in his garage working on the project. An avid skater since the age of eight, Andreas wanted to address the issues regarding the construction of conventional boards. This was around the same time an economic recession hit his country of Cyprus. So, he set out to make a board that would last a lifetime but still be affordable to skate rats like himself.

capsule skateboards

His initial prototype was very rough. Using the crudest means possible, he folded a 0.20 square meter panel of undisclosed material with heavy duty clamps in order to make it vaguely skateboard-shaped.

It wasn’t until 2014 when he would meet Dr. Panayiotis Philimis, his co-founder and partner in skateboard design, that the design and material would be fully realized. With Andreas’ skateboarding background and Panayiotis’ 20 years of experience in designing and developing research projects, the two set out to build the board of Andreas’ dreams.

After six prototypes and rigorous testing of the various boards’ impact, flexibility, and primary use for poppin’ big, fat ollies, the Capsule skateboard was born. It may sound easy when reading it, but Andreas states that there were times where he and Panayiotis had no idea if the materials they were using would actually work.

“Some of these materials were not even available in Cyprus, so we were ordering them without any knowledge of whether they would be successful or not,” remarks Andreas.

While they did go through some difficulties when designing the Capsule, the resulting product looks downright ready to take on the stairs, gaps and streets of the world.

This would be the part where I talk about the Capsule’s many features, but I already did that. Instead, I’ll leave you with some videos from their YouTube channel which show just how durable these skateboards are (spoiler alert: they’re really durable!).


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