You’ll likely opt not to eat off of this table, but if you do, the site of precision gears while you’re chowing down on a flank steak and side of greens may be good for the digestion. The elegantly mechanized ASTROLAB Dining Table from the Design Studion of Roche Bobois is a site to behold and a perfect combination of design and engineering.

ASTROLAB Precision Engineered Dining Table

The glass top table measures 200cm by 100cm with two motorized 40cm extension leaves. It’s highly likely you’ll foget about the food and stick to entertaining them with the visible function of the polished gearing.

YouTube video

If the size of this table is a little too daunting, you can always opt for the smaller coffee table version that rotates the overlapping glass tabletop out to increase the usable size.

Roche Bobois


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