Slap on your backpack and file this under survival gear of the week. The PowerPot is a thermoelectric power generator you can use after escaping a post-apocalyptic air-raid to supply power to small electrical devices like your phone, a light or a USB microphone you use to broadcast weekly survival tips.

The PowerPot

The PowerPot is an invention of outdoor aficionado David Toledo of Power Practical, a start-up out of Salt Lake City. With a simple pot equipped with a thermoelectric generator, a power cord and a power regulator, he has created a simple, marketable product. He’s currently going after funding via Kickstarter and is 15k away from his $50,000 goal. There are a lot of pledge options and three PowerPot kits available. The PowerPot V with 5w at $125, the PowerPot X with 10w at $199 and the PowerPot XV (in development) with 15w at $500. You also have the option of donating one to a person in a developing country starting at $99.

PowerPot is a useful solution for recreation and emergency preparedness. Backpackers can replace a typical backpacking mess-kit and charge GPS units, headlamps, water purifiers, and cell phones. Many will find it useful as a just-in-case measure for power outages. Those equipped with propane stoves, wood stoves, or fire pits will be able to turn on a dead phone within minutes using the PowerPot.

My question. How much would it cost to make one yourself?

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