When it comes to model making, every architect, designer or engineer has their own proven method – whether it starts with a simple sketch and moves to foam core or with various found materials. Regardless of how they got there though, the model that client sees is likely to be considerably more polished – and rarely ever cheap to produce.

For architect Damien Murtagh, this proved to be a problem when the recession hit in 2008. Because his models were only being used once or twice before being disposed of, he set out to find a solution that would let him reuse various components of a model without sacrificing quality.

The result is ARCKIT, a freeform model making system that architects and ‘architects-in-training’ to physically explore designs and bring conceptual architectural projects to life. The build platform uses a number of interconnecting components and expandable kits that are completely modular and based on modern panelled building techniques, which makes them ideal for quickly assembling lifelike structures.

While the ability to create custom, modular models with pieces that can be reused is one thing, one of the more impressive features of the platform is in its ability for the user to easily recreate physical model designs in CAD using pre-built CAD models of each of the ARCKIT components.



In addition to being a valuable tool for both future home owners/builders and architects, the kit has also earned a considerable amount of praise for its value in the classroom for teaching a number of STEM-related skills. The kit also won a Red Dot Award earlier this year in the Product Design category by a panel of over 38 jury members.

ARCKIT is currently for sale in the UK and Ireland and will be available for sale in the US starting this fall starting at $60.


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