Ask any avid hiker or outdoorsman and they will say, weight is an issue that can make or break you. Or, only take the gear you’re going to use, not what you think you need. Or, the less gear you carry, the faster you can run from bears. (Psst, don’t run from bears.)

Some hikers prefer the minimalist approach, eliminating everything but the essentials–a PowerBar for food, a cellphone for emergencies and a water bottle for hydration. If you like the less is more approach, Minimal Design Company (MDC) has the water bottle for you, aptly titled the Minimal Water Bottle (MWB).

With Bisphenol A (BPA) found in most every prepackaged bottled water, more people are turning to aftermarket bottles made from stainless steel or other BPA-free plastics. Minimal’s bottle is made of high-grade durable silicon, which allows it to be squished, twisted or rolled up when not in use, providing increased space in a side pocket or less weight if clipped to a belt.

Situations can sneak up when hiking out and about in remote locations, and the MWB wants to add some extra features to help you out. It also comes with 8-feet of paracord (as a bracelet/attach point) and a flint-style fire striker. Paracord has a near infinite number of uses–boot/shoe lace replacements, lashing for shelters or even as a makeshift tourniquet. While a fire striker is tougher to use than, say, a lighter, it’s a valuable tool, if you’re stranded in the cold and need to build a fire.

The bottle itself will hold 20oz of liquid and made of BPA/FDA-certified, food-grade silicone.

MDC has funded the MWB on Kickstarter cracking the $11,500 earlier today. Those interested in getting their hands on one can pledge $25 (early bird), which nets you the bottle, paracord and striker in either black or white with an expected October 2016 ship date.




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