You know what that mop of yours is missing? Nope, not a 3D printed hat. A 3D printed LOW POLY hat, sucka! No funky floral patterns or flare on this icon of 3D printed fashion. It’s pure, triagular, ear chafing discomfort, ready for a night out on the town.

Thanks to a one ‘Jwall’ who runs ‘Print That Thing’ you can have your very first 3D printed hat. Is it functional? Hellz no. Will it make you look like a 3D print geek? HELLZ YEAH. And that’s what gets you high fives from your bros… and those cute little babies who just learned to high five–isn’t that the cutest… high fivin’ babies, Ha! Let’s see the timelapse that Adafruit created of this cap.

You can download the model on Thingiverse. (Bonus: Also check out their 3D Printed Gangsta Necklace! Mo’ Gangsta!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

Images: Adafruit




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