In most cases, picking a product that is ‘built to last’ should be high up on a consumer’s priority checklist, but with recent advances in sustainable materials, that hasn’t always proven to be the case. In fact, ‘leaving no trace’ can actually be a selling point for some disposable products.

But a one-time use grill that can be safely tossed in the campfire after cooking that freshly-caught trout?

Made from FSC-certified cardboard lined with naturally occurring lava stone, the CasusGrill—which recently won the Danish Design Award—features a grill rack made of bamboo and a pre-packed array of bamboo charcoal that can heat up in just under five minutes and stay hot for up to an hour.

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While the use of 100% natural materials and its flatpack-friendly design already makes it a sustainable design champion, the CasusGrill goes one step deeper by using around 50% less CO2 than traditional disposable grills.

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If you’ve got end-of-summer camping and want to pack light, the CasusGrill is available on pre-order now for just $8 a pop.


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